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Post #13: Cough, splutter.


So I’m fairly sick right now. I regularly hang out with these 3 people and one of them was pretty sick… Needless to say we’re all unwell now!

I don’t actually know where I am going with this blog post, to be honest. I’m tired and bored.

Ok bye.


Post #12: It’s been a while!


I haven’t posted since 2009! WOW!

My darling friend Bridget started a blog here so I thought I’d make one, turns out I have one already!

I’m not entirely sure how much I will be using this though, I have a Tumblr account that I use religiously. I cannot stop!

Anyway, bloggy post. A lot has happened since my last post. Justin and I are no longer together, I’m sort of seeing a really lovely American guy (he is back in Oregon now, I will be visiting him in September), my father passed away in June 2011 of brain cancer, lots and lots of things.

I hope to at least attempt to keep this going… We’ll see.


Post #10: Tempation.


When you work at an op shop (or any place that sells clothes or books or whatever you are interested in) IT IS VERY DANGEROUS! I want about half the stuff in the shop.

This week I have gotten: Doc Martens, a dress, earrings, a necklace charm and 3 presents for friends. And I get paid on Monday!

Oh well… hehe.


Post #9: Young and gorgeous.


My co-workers today were all over 50, and loving having me around because I am “young and gorgeous and dress so well.” It’s odd to hear older people saying I dress well, because I dress differently to most people, but I was glad to hear it, I like people complimenting my style.

I borrowed some great, High-top Doc Martins today, wore them home. I’m hoping mum will give me $10 so I can BUY them! They’re so comfy!

That is all. xx

Post #8: Strange strangers.


Today at Vinnies I delt with alot of strange people. There’s one old man that I’m used to, be comes in every day, sometimes more than once (todays count: 3 times.)

But then there are the people who try to flirt (mainly to get a discount… which we don’t do, by the way.) And the people who just stand there then walk out…

Well, that’s my short rant for today, I am far to exhausted to jabber on anymore.


Post #7: Back at Vinnies.


So today I started my 2 week placement at Vinnies, and I am already sick of one of my co-workers. She wasn’t this annoying a few months ago!

She seems to think that she is the manager of the store, but she isn’t! She takes charge of everything… “What are we doing selling battery-powered toys? They don’t have any in them, you can’t tell if they work. Don’t put anymore battery toys out, ok?” IT ISN’T YOUR STORE, YOU DON’T DECIDE THESE THINGS!

At least I got to go home about an hour early, there was nothing for me to do.

Hopefully that lady isn’t working every day, or I will go insane.