Post #5: Video ezy, more like Video HARD!


My mum and I went to the video shop before (If you read my last post; mum is just ignoring what happened last night. Oh well) and we lost our card, so we had to tell the guy our surname ra ra ra. But it’s in my dads name, and he doesn’t live with us anymore, so we can’t hire movies. Now I have nothing to do tonight, maybe I should have gone to that party with my boyfriend after all.

We can’t sign up in my mums name because she doesn’t have a licence, passport or Keycard. I could have tried my Proof of age card, but I didn’t take my wallet. She tried to use her work i.d and Medicare card, but NOOOO, they don’t accept that! What, do they think we’re stealing someone identity to rent dvds? For crying out loud.

Back in the 90’s, it was alot easier.


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