Post #4: The times, they are a changin’.


Is it just me who is sick of everything changing so freaking fast? It seems I never get to settle into one place. Maybe that is why I don’t make much of an effort to find a job, I can actually control that… hmm, makes you think.

My mum met a new man nearly 3 or 4 years ago. And he, being the hippy he is, has put out his thoughts as freely and openly as he can, which have no influenced my mother. Now, my mum has always been the lovely, kind-hearted, warm mum that some people wish they had… now, she has been influenced by, let’s call him “Stinky” (because he IS!). She always wanted grandkids more than anything, now, with Stinky talking about the whole global warming stuff, saying that even my generation will see alot of shit happening, now she tells me NOT to have kids because they will really suffer and perish. Well, I obviously got fairly angry, nearly stormed off in the middle of dinner at a lovely restaurant, but didn’t because I hate making scenes.

That is just one example of how Stinky has influenced mum. I could give more examples, but a) you would be bored shitless after a while, and b) I kind of want to go to bed.

I know that was a fairly crap rant, but I needed to vent a bit.



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