Post #3: Waffling on.


If you know me personally, you would know that my job network has been fucking up alot recently… saying they will organise a placement at Vinnies for me, saying “I’ll call you when it’s organised” and not ringing me back. So then I have to ring again. That happened 3 times, but finally today I got a call and an email saying I can start on Monday. I was tempted to say “Oh, no I can’t do that… I am… er…. going away, yeah!” but I decided not to put it off, and hey, my boyfriend is doing job search training during those 2 weeks, so I won’t have anything to do.

So I suppose, now I’m going back to Vinnies, that I’ll be coming home with far too many books (and clothes) again. At least I don’t have money until the second week… I’ll just have to keep telling myself to ONLY buy Christmas presents. I need some sort of rehab for impulse buyers. Who’ll join me?



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