Post #20: All you need is love.



My Tom-bear being a sexy beast


Post #19: One month on.


Tom and I have been together for a whole month now. It’s gone so fast!

I have had a few down points recently, yesterday night being a big one, but he has been such good support for me. I think this is exactly what I’ve been needing and I am so glad that I’ve found it now.

Post #18: 1st date.


Today Tom and I had our first proper date. We usually just have dvd nights, but today we went out for lunch and coffee.

We met outside JB HI FI, then went inside for some dvd shopping. We both bought a few things, he had some vouchers.
Afterwards we went to Sushi Sushi in Melbourne Central, I paid because he is broke at the moment. He was shocked at how fast I can eat sushi haha.
He helped me pick out a new belly ring (it has an alien on it!) and then went and bought our coffees, which we drank outside the State Library.

Sadly it started to rain on us, and he had to go find something so he can re-enroll into uni tomorrow.

All in all it was a really nice time. He felt really bad that he couldn’t pay though, but I told him he can next time haha

Liz xx

Post #16: My life with depression.


I’ve lived with depression for many years, I have been suicidal in the past, I was living in a constant state of misery since the age of about 15.

After my father passed away in June 2011 my depression got much worse, I started to self harm again, I drank bottles of wine at a time most days of the week, I slept far too much, my social life crumbled, I was generally detached from my friends and family. My family and I decided I needed to talk to my doctor about getting counselling, which I started October 31st 2011 (and still attend presently.) I was lucky enough to get a very good psychologist, she is young and understanding. I have learnt so much about myself and how to work through tough moments because of this program.

But one night I couldn’t control it. I tried to kill myself again. I was able to see that just counselling was not enough, so I went to the doctor again to talk about anti-depressants. She agreed that I would benefit from them, so I have been on medication since March 8th of this year.

I do still have the occasional low, like last night, but I am able to power through these moments much faster because of the things I have learnt about myself. And my anxiety levels are actually controllable now.

I understand that this is something I will probably have to deal with for the rest of my life, but with the help of counsellors and doctors I can keep it under control.

Please feel free to share your own stories with me.

Liz xx

Post #15: Intense.


I can’t really say too much because I promised not to, but Tom didn’t have a very pleasant day/night yesterday. His sisters puppy had to have a bowel obstruction and could have died. Turns out that the little guy had fluff stuck in there form all the pillows and blankets he tried to eat. But he’s totally fine. Poor Tom was really freaking out though =[ and there was other stuff, but that’s way too private to post about.


This is my Tom-Tom resting his eyes while using my boob as a pillow this afternoon ❤

Post #14: Boyfrieeeend.


Damn straight! I’m a happily taken woman now! He’s pretty great. He gives me chocolate for lunch and massages when I’m going to sleep. But he also ditches me to play COD. What a nerd.

I’m pretty freaking happy though! I haven’t had a boyfriend since like 2010, and I’m in a much better space mentally so I think I will be a better girlfriend now.